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We are fortunate to have the following dedicated professionals working in our school

Head Teacher Acting Deputy Head
Mr. A. Howe Mrs. S. Thurgood
Teaching Staff Teaching Assistants
Mrs. S. Ackah Ms L. Gibson
Mrs. L. Foster Mrs. R. Chaplain-Barton
Mr. R. Holt Mrs. N. Evans
Mrs. D. Newton Mrs. M. Thompson
Mrs. H. McKenna Miss S. Cropley
Miss P. Nuss Miss J. Fishwick
Mrs. C. Pearson   Mrs. P. Hall
Mrs. J. Barrett Mrs. E. Matthew
Miss M. Short Miss K. Butler
Mrs. S. Thurgood Mrs. J. Shinn
Business Manager Clerical Assistants
Mrs. S. Byford Mrs. L. Jellis
  Mrs. R. Clifton
Caretaker Cleaner
Mr. P. Boyle Miss R. Taylor
  Ms. J. Dowling
School Caterer Catering Staff
(Employed by Lunchtime Company)
Mrs. J. Rayner Ms. A. Ripley
  Mrs. P. Rouse
Midday Supervisors  
Mrs. J. Cannon  
Miss T. Walden  
Ms. K. Rae (Midday Co-ordinator)  
Ms. J. Dowling  
Mrs. E. Hills  
Ms. J. Coleman  
Mrs. W. Foster  
Nursery Staff  
Mrs. C. Smith (Leader)  
Mrs. R. Lynn(Deputy)  
Mrs. H. Whitehead (Deputy)  
Miss C. Johnson  
Mrs. A. Cosford  
Mrs. J. Smith  
Miss K. Butler  
Mrs. M. Thompson