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The school building was erected in 1860. (There is a foundation stone behind the hedge to the left of the chimney of the school house.)  It opened in June 1861, and the school holds log books from September 1863 onwards which we would be happy to make available to anyone with an interest in local history.

The school building remained largely unchanged for 100 years. You can see this from the photograph hanging in the front corridor of the school, taken in 1964.  Aerial View of School in 1960's

In the 1960’s the classroom at the front of the school was built, (currently the Year 6 classroom) and was linked to the original building by a corridor which ran alongside what is now the car park but was then the playground. An office for the headteacher and a staffroom were added at this time. They faced away from the road, on the opposite side of the corridor than today.

In the 1970’s the two classrooms at the back of the school, (currently the Reception and Year 1 classrooms), and the room that is now the children’s kitchen were added. At the moment we are unsure whether the hall and main kitchen was built at this time, or in the 1960’s. If you can help with this, please get in touch.

During the 1990’s the loft space in the old building was opened up and converted into our computer suite. The front of the school was also re-modelled and the position of the corridor and offices were swapped over. By this time what had been built as a staffroom had already become the school office. This was completed in 1999 and is marked by the date stone over the front entrance of the school.

The next major phase of building work was started soon after, and was completed in 2001. This was the building of the three new classrooms alongside the drive. This meant that for the first time in about fifty years, Elm School could house all of it’s children in the main building, and not use mobile classrooms.

Aerial View of School in 2003There is another photograph in the front corridor, (taken in 2003)  which shows the school building at this point. However, it is not up to date, as our new staffroom was built in 2006 and is therefore not shown.

This is a brief account of the history of the school building. What would be much more interesting would be an account of the people who worked in it and some of the events that it has witnessed. If you have a memory you would like to share or have documents that would help build the story of our school, we would love to hear from you.